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About Us

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Hi, I'm Aubrie!

I started The Borrowed Blossom after receiving surprisingly high quotes for the smallest fresh flower arrangements at my own wedding. I've always disliked artificial flowers, but I ended up creating all my decor using the most realistic flowers I could find- and got so many compliments! This experience inspired me to offer an affordable alternative for those seeking an impressive look at their event, without the exorbitant costs and without waste!

Through extensive research and experimentation, I've curated a selection of the most realistic blooms and greenery available- and learned subtle techniques to make your arrangements
and faux floral bouquets incredibly realistic. My goal is to help you have a beautiful and seamless event, for the most value for your dollar.

Thank you for considering The Borrowed Blossom!


What we Believe


Event floral planning can be overwhelming, and we are here to make it as quick and easy as possible for you.



You shouldn't have to worry about setting up your own florals the day of your wedding. (Or removing them after!)


You shouldn't be emailed constantly or pressured into booking your floral vendor.


Your florals should be sustainable, and not end up wilted or in the trash at the end of the night!


You deserve an impressive look that guests will remember, and it should be worth every penny.

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